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Adjoa Akofio-Sowah

"You can have the most ace landscape + urban design in the world. But what truly makes a city or place extraordinary are the people in it." 

Schefflera actinophylla

Improved places improve the people in them. Beginning on the micro level, Adjoa believes that healthier environments strengthen capacity within and foster broader understanding between surrounding environments. With over 5 years of experience in Communications, Adjoa is now using her evolution as Landscape Designer to develop and implement ideas to enhance spaces that create opportunities, sustain ecological balance and encourage critical problem-solving on issues that include promoting public health and equity.

The product of a Midwest upbringing and West African heritage, Adjoa works to weave into projects the influences from Minnesotan Indigenous, Scandinavian and Ghanaian culture by promoting 'resourceful design'. She is currently enrolled in the 2016-2018 Landscape Design graduate program at The George Washington University in Washington, DC.