Plants for Summer: Trees

Quercus alba

Common name: White Oak
Zones of hardiness: 3 to 9
Height & width: 50-80’ high and wide
Leaves: 4-8” long, oblong shaped and triangular starting from the bottom; lobes are rounded and sinuses are deep and narrow. Duller leaf with a lighter green shade, silver back.   
Origin: Missouri native

A White Oak’s bark is lighter in tone, deeply fissured and rough. It develops a rounded crown in maturity and it's far-reaching branches spread parallel to the ground, making its form appear massive although the tree itself is not obscenely looming and tall. The White Oak absorbs energy and grows steadily in early spring. Splotches on leaves are common in the summer, the results of raindrops that burn on contact by the sun’s rays. Still, White Oaks prefer full sun. The lifespan of a White Oak may reach up to 150-250 years.