Plants for Summer: Trees


Magnolia grandiflora 'Edith Bogue'

Common name: Southern Magnolia
Zones of hardiness: 6(7) to 9(10)
Height & width: 60 to 80’ high and upwards; 30 to 50’ wide and upwards
Leaves: Alternate, simple, obovate-oblong and elliptical, high gloss, deepest green, 5 to 10” long
Origin: Florida 

The Southern Magnolia is an evergreen, low-branching, grandiose structured tree. With well over 1000 cultivars, the Edith Bogue is very cold hardy. Its bark is very smooth and light brown on young trees while older trees can form scales. The pure striking white blooms that emerge from a bright green bulb, are almost luminescent, and occur in May to June with a fresh but heady fragrance. Southern Magnolias thrive in rich and porous soil, with full sun or partial shade. Leaf drop is substantial and can be a taxing maintenance chore.