P L A N T S   F O R   S P R I N G
I L E X   C R E N A T A   ' P I C C O L O '

C O M M O N  N A M E: Dwarf Japanese Holly
F A M I L Y: Aquifoliaceae
H A B I T: Evergreen    
O R I G I N: Japan
Z O N E : 5 to 6   
H E I G H T: 6 to 10 feet on average
E X P O S U R E: Full sun to partial shade
S O I L : Moist, slightly acidic

T A G S : shrub, black fruit, drupe, bonsai, female 


F O L I A G E ,   F L O W E R  +

Leaves are arranged alternately, margins are toothed, shape is elliptic, simple and spans 1/2 to 1 1/4 inches in length. The color is a standard shade of green to light-yellowish green. 

Flowers are inconspicuous and emerge as dull, greenish white cymes of 3 to 7 blooms in May through June. 

Berries are actually drupes, black and matte in appearance and texture, sparsely produced and found only on female plants. 


Protect against such pests as spider mites. Keep the soil light, most and well-drained. It can withstand heavy pruning, but it tends to look better when its left to grow organically and awkward branching is removed on occasion. 

L A N D S C A P E   V A L U E

Great to install as foundation plantings, for massing and strong, durable hedging. Urban gardens are favorable as well.