Plants for Summer: Flowers & Shrubs


Hydrangea quercifolia

Common name: Oakleaf Hydrangea
Zones of hardiness: 5 to 9
height & width :4 to 6′ (8′) wide and 12′ high
leaves:  3, 5 or 7 lobes; ovate
Origin: Southeastern United States

A borderline invasive species, Oakleaf Hydrangea often grows in colonies. Though it may thrive in full sun, it prefers to grow to its most attractive potential in partial to almost full shade. Depending upon the amount of exposure to sun in the month of August, the petals of the flower can burn out and turn a toasted brown color. Yet when protected by shade during the same time period, Oakleaf Hydrangea will keep its supple, smooth and vibrant appearance.