Plants for Summer: Trees


Ginkgo biloba

Common name: Maidenhair Tree
Zones of hardiness: 4 to 8/9
Height & width: 50-80' high; 30-40' wide
Leaves:  2-3” long and wide; dichotomus (fan-shaped) and broad, small leaves
long and wide
Origin: Found in Asia, North America and Europe

When you think of Gingko biloba tree, think of the dinosaurs - it has been around that long. Visually, the leaves turn from a bright green to an intensely brilliant shade of yellow in autumn. Its bark, warm-toned and scale-like, resembles snake-skin. It is commonly and overwhelmingly preferred to use the male plant which does not produce the fruit that has a putrid and dissatisfying odor that the female plant produces. Overall, the tree can tolerate the typical urban environment because it offers strong resistance to disease and pollution.