What makes you an urbanist?

As urban-based planners, architects, advocates, writers, activists, designers, and artists, we identify ourselves by the title of "urbanist", to describe our relationship to the built environment and our lifestyle as a result of it. But how do our personal interpretations of this term vary from one urbanist to another? What are our differences? What are our similarities? This survey serves as a starting point in posing general questions to those who identify closely with the concept and practice of an urbanist and urbanism. 

First sent to associates, then opened to a broader audience, the goal of this survey is to share the responses given, right here, for urbanists to learn about what other urbanists love about living in a city, what they find positive about their city and the issues they are addressing in order to achieve better outcomes in those same spaces.   

Thank you for taking this survey.

*Note: This survey is not meant to be used as formal or comprehensive research on the term "urbanist". Additional responses may be sent to iyeproject@gmail.com.