P L A N T S   F O R   S P R I N G
D E U T Z I A   G R A C I L I S   ' N I K K O '

C O M M O N  N A M E: Slender Deutzia
F A M I L Y:  Saxifragaceae
H A B I T:  Deciduous shrub
O R I G I N: Japan
Z O N E :  5 to 8  
H E I G H T:  1 to 2 feet on average, spreads 5 feet
S U N :  Full sun to part shade
S O I L :  Clay tolerant, medium, well-drained

T A G S :  fragrant, dwarf cultivar, U.S. National Arboretum, deer resistant, butterflies, birds, pollinator attractor

F O L I A G E ,   F L O W E R  +

Flowers bloom white in 1/8 long panicles from late April to early May, lasting for around 2 weeks.

Leaves are 3 inches long, opposite, lanceolate-shaped and ovate with serrated edges/margins. Foliage remains a bright shade of green in summer, but in fall they turn a rich, deep burgundy shade. 


Give Deutzia exposure to full sun and generous moisture for its best-looking flowers to form. When the weather is hotter, water more often. Prune in spring after flowering occurs for shape. It is resilient in nature and is low maintenance.

L A N D S C A P E   V A L U E

Its density and compactness make it an ideal selection for groundcover, hedging, rock gardens, over walls to cascade down dramatically, in pots around the garden space and on slopes for holding soils together.