Plants for Summer: Flowers & Shrubs


Cotinus coggygria

Common name: Smoke tree or Smoke bush
Zones of hardiness: zone 4 preferably; 5 to 8
Height & width: 10-15' in height and spread
Leaves: alternate and simple, oval to obovate, 1 ½”to 3 ½” long and wide, and rounded with very visible veins.
Origin: Southern Europe/central China

A deciduous shrub (meaning it sheds its leaves in autumn), Smoke tree or Smoke bush can rightly be described as glorious. Its blossoms which occur in June are characterized as smoky, puff-like blooms in pale pink to dark red and purple hues. Full sun is preferred and an added advantage is the Smoke tree’s adaptability to a wide range of soils and pH values.