P L A N T S   F O R   S P R I N G
C O R Y L O P S I S   S P I C A T A

C O M M O N  N A M E: Spike Winter Hazel
F A M I L Y: Hamamelidaceae
H A B I T:  Deciduous shrub
O R I G I N:  China, Japan
Z O N E : 5 to 8    
H E I G H T:  4 to 8 feet on average  
S U N :  Full sun to partial shade
S O I L : Light to medium, organic, well-drained

T A G S :  showy, ornamental, fragrant, multi-stemmed, pale yellow, specimen

F O L I A G E ,   F L O W E R  +

Lantern-like flowers an inch to 2 inches long roughly resemble catkins, are pale yellow in shade, emerge in the early spring months and emit a soft lemony aroma.

Then foliage appears golden-yellow in the summer months, is ovate to obovate in shape, and usually 4 inches in length.   


With simple pruning done immediately after flowering, this shrub can fill itself out. Protect it from strong winds by employing pruning to widen the spread of its canopy. Give it space to spread out and to avoid it from growing lopsided or ungracefully. Moist, rich and humusy soil allows it to thrive. 

L A N D S C A P E   V A L U E

It brightens the landscape and visually warms up the environment, especially if planted against a lush green, leafy backdrop. Purposeful as an accent plant, for hedging and massing.