P L A N T S   F O R   S P R I N G
C H I O N A N T H U S   R E T U S U S

C O M M O N  N A M E: Chinese Fringe Tree
F A M I L Y: Oleaceae
H A B I T:  Deciduous tree
O R I G I N:  China, Japan, Korea
Z O N E :  6 to 8   
H E I G H T: 10 to 20 feet on average  
S U N :  Full sun to partial shade
S O I L : Moist, clay or loam

T A G S :  small flowering tree, wildlife attractor, fragrant, drupe

F O L I A G E ,   F L O W E R  +

White flowers form near the end of spring as panicles, are fragrant and last 2 to 3 weeks. 

Leaves are 2 to 4" in length, are simple and ovate. 

The blue and purplish fruits that occur on female trees both attract birds and causes a significant amount of litter. 


It can be trained as a multi-stemmed or single trunk tree and should be pruned in the winter. It should be watered regularly to establish a deep root system. It is susceptible to powdery mildew, so place it in an area with good circulation. 

L A N D S C A P E   V A L U E

The fullness of its crown gives great interest in the spring when the flowers fill its entire form. In fall, the leaves turn a striking gold shade. A good choice for small yards, for woodland gardens, for massing and for water and urban gardens.  It provides filtered shade and its spread is ideal for filling space.