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C H A M A E C Y P A R I S   P I S I F E R A    V A R   F I L I F E R A   ' F I L I F E R A   A U R E A ' 

C O M M O N  N A M E : Japanese Falsecypress, Threadleaf Falsecypress
O R I G I N :  Japan
F A M I L Y : Cupressaceae
Z O N E :  4 to 8
T Y P E :  Needled evergreen
H E I G H T :  avg. 6 to 20'
S U N :  Full sun, partial shade
S O I L : Moist, fertile soils
M O I S T U R E : Medium

T A G S : cultivar, conifer, semi-dwarf, yellow foliage, gold, drooping 

D E S C R I P T I O N 

A cultivar of the Chamaecyparis pisifera, this variety is noted for its slender and drooping branches. 'Filifera Aurea' among other cultivars are known as Threadleaf Falsecypress, based on the thread-like quality of the foliage. It is a semi-dwarf shrub that matures in a broad, conical form. With the ideal planting conditions and environment, it carries the capacity to reach heights of 15 to 20'.

F O L I A G E   &   C O N E 

Awl-shaped and scale-like leaves. Small green cones emerge in the summer months and change to deep brown in maturity. 

C A R E 

Plant in full sun or light shade, in rich and fertile soils. Once established, Threadleaf Falsecypress will be drought resistant. Prune lightly with the intention to remove dead branches - heavy pruning will compromise the life of the plant. 






"Manual of Woody Landscape Plants," by Michael Dirr.