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C H A M A E C Y P A R I S   O B T U S A   ' E L M W O O D   G O L D '   

C O M M O N  N A M E : a selection of Hinoki Cypress
O R I G I N :  Taiwan, Japan
F A M I L Y : Cupressaceae
Z O N E :  5 to 8
T Y P E :  Evergreen shrub
H E I G H T :  avg. 8 to 10'
S U N :  Full sun
S O I L : Clay, loam, or sandy; acidic, neutral, slightly alkaline
M O I S T U R E : Medium

T A G S :  specimen, hedge, border, massing, globose, globe-shaped, yellow foliage, cultivar, coniferous

D E S C R  I P T I O N

The Elmwood cultivar has a rounded and flat-topped shape with wispy-leaved branches that add animation and depth to a landscape. It is a relatively low-maintenance shrub that can be placed next to coarser trees or shrubs for visual and textural interest. 

F O L I A G E   

Lacy, frayed-like and scaled leaves appear soft and dense with a yellow intensity. Variegated. Multi-stemmed. 


Provide special attention to nurturing the root system of the Elmwood: during its first seasons, regular watering is essential. Maintain its globose shape with annual pruning. 





"Manual of Woody Landscape Plants," by Michael Dirr.